Education and Training

Trade Union Education

BTU and TULA are LEARN’s core trade union seminars. Below are the special TU courses or skills’ trainings being offered by LEARN or may be asked by its member and partner organizations. The scope, method (staggered, live-in, live-out, etc.) and duration of special seminars – collectively called trainers’ trainings – may vary depending on the specific needs and convenience of the participants as well as the availability of LEARN staff. If a requested topic is not a forte of LEARN or if it could not immediately be accommodated, LEARN may endorse it to a reliable NGO or partner organization.

• Basic Trade Unionism (BTU) Seminar – 1 day
• Trade Union Leadership and Administration (TULA) Seminar – 2 days
• Trade Union Rights Orientation (TURO) – 1 day
• Collective Bargaining Negotiation Skills Training – 3 days
• Basic Grievance Handling Seminar – 2 days
• Trade Union Financial Management Seminar – 3 days
• Basic Educators’ Training (BET) – 3 days
• Crash Course on Trade Union Publication – 1 day
• Basic Trade Union Publication Training – 2 days
• Basic Paralegal Training – 2 days

Political Education

Includes basic and comprehensive studies on labor and national situation, structural analysis, corporate or neoliberal globalization, Philippine history, labor movement history, comparative ideologies and political spectrum of various labor and political forces, basic socialist course, different forms of workers’ struggles, vision of alternative society, etc. LEARN, or in cooperation with other groups, also conducts or sponsors more specialized political education courses or discussions on current events, including symposia, forums, study circles, and longer seminars.
• Basic Political Education (BPE) – 2 days
• Advanced Political Education (APE) – 3 days

Gender Education

Provides analyses on the prevailing gender relationships using the feminist perspective and basic pro-worker principles. This program aims to equip women the knowledge, skills and orientation needed to empower them at home, in the workplaces, communities, different societal institutions, trade unions, other organizations, country, and the world. Supplementing the main education courses – BOWW and BWAS – are several special trainings that are regularly implemented as well as other trainings that may be needed from time to time, which may exclusively be given by LEARN or in partnership with other groups. Part of this program also is organizing a cultural cum educational activities that foster “connections” between trade union work and family life; particularly through the Family Day, a whole day program attended by workers and their families and held before Christmas.

• Basic Orientation for Women Workers (BOWW) – 1 day
• Basic Women Awareness Seminar (BWAS) – 2 days
• Anti-Sexual Harassment Orientation – 1 day
• Women Rights Seminar – 2 days
• Reproductive Rights and Responsibilities Seminar – 2 days
• Women and Politics Seminar – 1 day
• Introduction to Gender and Development Mainstreaming – 1 day
• Leadership Skills Training for Women – 3 days

Part or supporting each of those three main education programs are the Labor Educators’ Training and Small Learning Groups:

Labor Educators’ Training

This is actually incorporated into the TU education program, through the BET. A 3-day Advanced Educators’ Training (AET) is also available. These trainings cover the basics on adult or labor education, learning principles, methods, techniques, other needed skills, knowledge and orientation of union educators; and facilitates the capacity building of both member and partner organizations in developing and managing their own education programs. LEARN has trained through the years a few hundreds of labor educators; their core group became the Labor Educators’ Forum (LEF) that acted as a pool of educators both for LEARN and their respective organizations. A new generation of worker educators is being developed by LEARN from its present member and partner organizations.
Small Learning Groups

Commonly called study circle session, this method is committed to democratic, continuing and self-propelling education on trade unionism, politics, gender and other concerns. It includes trainings on study group leadership, facilitation and documentation.

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