Mindanao braced for Gender Sensitivity training

Running for more than a decade now, the three-day GST seminar traditionally formed the third level of educational courses on patriarchy that can be given to both men and women, jointly or otherwise. This activity aims to make both sexes aware of people\’s biological and sociological differences, gender roles and tasks, \”gender bias\”, gender stereotyping, economic marginalization, political subordination, and gender equality. As such, Mindanao has been a major place for gender mainstreaming and education activities of LEARN considering the rich Islamic origins and culture of its people within the context of conflict-ridden, warlord-controlled and rebel-infested townships and cities.

Relying largely on feminist political thought and pro-worker principles, the LEARN Gender Program and APL-Women both seek to provide analyses on the prevailing gender relationships through various other means such as conducting family day programs, basic women awareness seminars and basic orientation on women workers. As a whole, Gender education programs also aim to equip women the knowledge, skills and orientation needed to empower them at home, in the workplaces, communities, different societal institutions, trade unions, other organizations, country, and the world.

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