Media workers underwent Grievance Handling Seminar through NABU and LEARN

In its effort to protect the rights of media workers in the Philippines, the Labor Education and Research Network has again carried out another labor education activity involving media men and women under the umbrella organization National Alliance of Broadcast Unions or NABU. The 2-day seminar was done at the Star Plaza Hotel in Dagupan City, Pangasinan on August 26-27, 2011.

Present in the activity were twenty-one participants coming from various ABS-CBN-2, GMA-7, ABC-5 and PTV-NBN-4 stations in the northern part of Luzon. All of them are shop stewards from these three huge broadcast networks in the Philippines that have been longtime partners of NABU in its education and organizing activities. Participating stations were from the cities of Dagupan, Olongapo, Baguio, Laoag, and Tuguegarao.

A Basic Grievance Handling Seminar, undertaken mostly by shop stewards and officers of trade unions, usually involves the task of equipping unions with a functional mechanism to address grievance cases filed by employees against their employers or vice versa. The task of shop stewards forms an integral part of the so-called grievance machinery that facilitates labor-related cases within a unionized company. Once cases are resolved at this level, workers may opt not to file charges in the proper courts anymore.

An active member of LEARN, NABU is the first and only broadcast federation in the Philippines and also considered as the only broadcast formation in Southeast Asia. Among its founding members are the following labor unions: RVEU and RVSU in Radio Veritas; ABS-CBNEU and ABS-CBN Global in ABS-CBN; PTEA/NBN in PTV-4, ABC-5EU in ABC-5; GMAEU in GMA-7; RPNEU and RPNDSU in RPN-9; and IBCEU and IBCSDU in IBC-13.

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