A Message of Solidarity to LO-Norway and the Norwegian People

The Labor Education and Research Network and its affiliates offer their sincerest sympathies and condolences to the families, friends and loved ones of the victims of the twin barbaric and cowardly acts committed against Labor Party members and government employees in Oslo as well as the youth who have been murdered treacherously in Utoeya Island in Norway.

Reports coming fom the police and the media have recorded the casualties to be 76 dead and many others wounded (initially 93 people were reported dead).

LEARN nevertheless condemns the act in the strongest possible sense as it turned out that the sole gunman and suspected perpetrator of the two events has an even deeper political agenda than mere terrorism and blatant, if mad, show of force. We cannot just let anyone kill and cause terror for an intolerant, extremist and undemocratic purpose of annihilating proponents of ethnic multiculturalism and religious tolerance, not to mention members of a democratic Labor party in one of Europes’ most peaceful countries. LEARN continues to uphold the ideals of democracy and social tolerance even if it means harboring contempt among those who cannot understand the essence of these values.

No to reductionism in political views! No to terrorism and violence against civilians!

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