LEARN hosts Global Network – Asia regional training on social protection and participatory budgeting

The Global Network – Asia, under the coordination of the Labor Education and Research Network, held its regional training this year on February 22-24, 2011 at the LEARN Workers’ House in Quezon City. With a theme “Capability-building seminar on Advocacies on Social Protection and Participatory Budgeting,” the seminar was aimed at enhancing and sustaining the advocacies on social protection (SP) and participatory budgeting (PB) among Global Network – Asia members in six (6) countries namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines.

The participating organizations include the Self-employed Women’s Association (India), Cambodia Women Movements Organization (Cambodia), Community Legal Education Center (Cambodia), Labor Education Foundation (Pakistan), Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia (Indonesia), Bangladesh Institute of Labor Studies (Bangladesh), and several LEARN affiliates such as the League of Independent Banking Organizations (LIBO), Philippine Metalworkers Alliance/Federation (PMA), Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL), and Postal Employees Union of the Philippines (PEUP). During the 3-day activity, inputs were drawn from the lectures of resource speakers from LEARN Legal Department/Counsel, the Institute for Politics and Governance (IPG), Social Security System (SSS), Kampanya para sa Makataong Pamumuhay (KAMP or Dignified Life for All Campaign – Network), and Akbayan Citizens’ Action Party. After the series of discussions, a workshop was conducted in order to assess the possible action plans that can be implemented to sustain Global Network’s as well as its international partners’ advocacies on social protection and participatory budgeting. The role of various forms of media, especially the internet, television and radio, was also emphasized and they are considered as one of the strongest channels in disseminating information and policy interventions in line with SP and PB.

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