LEARN and PMA Link up with Indonesian Metalworkers’ Fed

On November 3 and 6, six members of the Indonesian Metalworkers’ Federation FSPMI or Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia visited the Philippines to discuss and exchange ideas about the recent wave of various issues and threats that confront the labor movement both in Indonesia and the Philippines. These issues include the increasingly rampant and unregulated contractualization of workers and outsourcing of manufacturing services.

In a short Council of Leaders meeting with their local counterparts – Philippine Metalworkers’ Alliance leaders and officers – FSPMI delegates led by Mr. Vonny Diananto, FSPMI Senior Vice President, shared their union’s achievements and strategies and presented numerical data and graphical presentations to describe their current situation. PMA and LEARN, on their side, brought the guests to several of their member unions’ automotive and manufacturing plants in Batangas, Laguna and Rizal and facilitated a discussion with SSS Commissioner and LEARN Chairperson Daniel L. Edralin.

A member of the Global Network – Asia, FSPMI has been working with the Labor Education and Research Network for years around a number of issues such as decent work for women and domestic workers, strengthening the labor movement, social security, labor justice, among others. The union is now eyeing the consolidation of the Philippine metalworkers’ movement in order for the two federations to have more formal engagements in the coming years. PMA’s response is nevertheless characterized by a positive reception of FSPMI’s strategies and advocacies and an anticipatory attitude toward larger discussions in the future.


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