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Global Network Asia holds regional conference on the ILO Convention for Domestic Workers in Hong Kong

More than 80 domestic workers, trade unionists and international labor activists joined the GN-Asia regional conference in Hong Kong last 16-17 August 2009. The focus of the conference was the discussion on the proposed ILO Convention on Domestic Workers.

The ILO Convention on Domestic Workers is groundbreaking for domestic workers in the world who are one of the most vulnerable and exploited workers. The ILO Convention would be a much needed instrument to strengthen the rights of domestic workers and protect them from abuses. Joining the conference were ILO representatives in Asia, trade unionists from the Global Union Federations (PSI, UNI and BWI), local domestic workers and national trade unions in the Asian region, civil society groups and international participants from Europe, Latin America and Africa. The conference was sponsored by Sask-TSL of Finland, IFWEA and Solidar.