LEARN Peoples’ House: Opens its doors

After years of anticipating this moment, LEARN’s newly-acquired Peoples’ House was finally opened to the public, friends and comrades in a small gathering in the evening of 16 October 2006. The time of opening was auspicious because LEARN had just celebrated its 20th anniversary and conducted its 12th General Assembly on that day.

The 405 sq. meter newly-renovated house have a total of 6 rooms and is expected to house the LEARN and APL offices. Future plans include the expansion of the Peoples’ House to accommodate prospective occupants from LEARN partners, possibly the Caucus of Independent Unions (CIU) and the Akbayan party-list.

To provide independent identity and guidelines for the Peoples’ House, a foundation was established called the “LEARN Workers’ House Inc.” This will ensure the autonomy of the management and operations of the Peoples’ House as well as its legal identity.

In the immediate future, the Peoples’ House shall be able to accommodate the various meetings, seminars and other activities of LEARN’s partner trade unions and organizations. The house is open to the numerous coordinating activities of LEARN with its network and allied organizations in the country.

The acquisition of LEARN’s own house for its operations also opens new possibilities for its sustainability.
The partner unions and organizations of LEARN will finally be able to look forward to sustain themselves starting with the confidence of acquiring a valuable asset such as the Peoples’ House. It can be an income-generating institution in the future.

In sum, the LEARN’s Peoples’ House opens doors to the future. Providing the venue for its activities, provides limitless possibilities to sustain itself.

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