Anti-WTO Forum formed in Indonesia

Anti-WTO Forum, Indonesia (03-27-2005)

by Verna Dinah Q. Viajar

Worker representatives of the Labour Working Group of Indonesia decided to form an anti-WTO forum after its national seminar for Global Network-Asia. The national workshop, entitled “Union Anticipation against Social Impact of WTO Policy”, drew participants from various trade unions in Indonesia. The seminar was conducted on March 26-27, 2005.

Foremost in the key outputs of the workshop involves stepping up campaigns against WTO policies particularly in the upcoming Ministerial in Hong Kong this December. The participants also agreed to consolidate their capacities on addressing globalization issues and in building networks among trade unions and civil society groups across the archipelago.

Among the key speakers in the workshop were Bonnie Setiawan from the Institute of Global Justice-Jakarta and Reynaldo Rasing, coordinator of Global Network in Asia. LWG is the most recent partner organization of Global Network in the region. This is their first seminar for GN-Asia in the region.

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