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Statement of Condemnation on the suspension of trade union and human rights in Nepal

Verna Dinah Q. Viajar

We, the participants of the ILO-initiated MA Labor Policies and Globalization[1] course taking place in Germany, express our outmost concern on the plight of trade unionists in Nepal who are now in danger of being detained or arrested following King Gyanendra’s undemocratic dissolution of the Nepalese government last 1 February 2005.

As trade unionists and members of labor movements in our respective countries, we condemn in entirety the repressive rule that led to the suspension of trade union rights, detention and arrests of trade unionists in Nepal. We also condemn the military violence in the country, particularly towards the students and civilians protesting against the Martial Law imposed by the King to suppress civil liberties.

We therefore, call on the International Labor Organization and other international labor organizations to exert international pressure on the King to restore the democratic processes in Nepal. We urge the international community and all the working peoples around the world to voice protest on the violations of human rights and workers’ rights in Nepal.

Cesar Costa de Araujo -CUT Brazil
Svetlana Boincean -Moldova
Nelly Botevska -Bulgaria
Doreen Delreece Deane -The Barbados Workers’ Union, Barbados
Inez Lopes de Farias -CUT Brazil
Maria del Carmen Gastelum Tapia -Mexico
Euan William Gillespie Gibb -CAW Canada
Dong-Gyun Han – FKMTU (Federation of Korean Metalworkers Trade Unions) South Korea
Eustace Imoyera James -Nigeria Labour Congress, Nigeria
Evilastus Kaaronda – Namibia
Sven Krack -Germany
Harald Kröck -IGBCE Germany
Sophia Lim -Malaysia
Siqi Luo -China
Donna McGuire -QIEU Australia
Hoang Mai Nguyen -Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, Vietnam
Marinna Nyamekye -Ghana Trades Union Congress, Ghana
Sung Hee Park -KCTU South Korea
Jô Portilho -CUT Brazil
Wilfried Schwetz -ver.di – Germany
Verna Dinah Viajar -LEARN-APL/GN-Asia, Philippines
Mina Vukojicic =TUC Nezavisnost, Serbia
Gaye Yilmaz =DISK, Turkey

* “Organizations listed for identification purposes”

[1] The MA LPG program is a program under the Global Labour University being developed by the University of Kassel and FHW Berlin, involving various German foundations such as the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, Hans Boeckler Foundation, and DGB. This initiative also involves trade unions and universities in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Canada.